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With the time now to really enjoy life, your physical health can be a priority. We help lots of seniors to be active – find out how..

Actually, some of our most active clients are the over 65’s, or those who are lucky enough to retire early. Orewa is the perfect place to walk or cycle around – the beautiful beach, the Estuary walkway loop, we really are spoilt for choice.

There is also a wealth of other activities going on around town – Bowls, Table Tennis, Gym, Line Dancing, Nordic Walking…. something for everyone. Whatever type of activity you love, we can help you enjoy it.

If there is some kind of ailment getting you down, it’s well worth finding out if osteopathy can help. Even arthritis can be well managed with a  physical approach. Though we can’t reverse the aging changes in the joints, we can help improve muscle use, quality and tone, and address any issues with ligaments and tendons that might be contributing to your pain.



Read about Rosemary’s journey with osteopathy:

“After a very busy career teaching, I was looking forward to my retirement. We had bought a little caravan and were planning to travel all around New Zealand to do some of the walking trails. We always walk up and down Orewa beach, so I’m not really sure why my foot started to get sore, but with 2 weeks to go before our first trip, I was limping. I thought it might be my shoes, so I tried a few different pairs, but it didn’t really make a difference. I was having coffee with my neighbour when she said she had exactly the same problem as me, and had seen an osteopath about it. I hadn’t really heard about osteopaths before, but it sounded like she had had a good result, and I was a bit desperate as time was ticking down.

The clinic at ThreeSixty was really good. I was able to get an appointment the day after calling, and the lady was really helpful on the phone. Parking was easy, and the osteopath was very friendly too. I had been a bit anxious, not knowing what to expect and worried about that it might make the problem worse! The osteopath explained everything to me and we realised that my problem might have come from walking on the beach after all. She really listened to me, and made a treatment plan of things that she would do, and things I could do to help too.

She also gave me some exercises to do, to help with balance, which I’d noticed becoming a problem over the last few months too. Best thing was that by the time my trip came along, I was feeling confident that I wasn’t doing any more harm to my foot, and could walk, at a slower pace, but still could see some of the sights I’d otherwise have had to miss out on. 

I would recommend osteopathy to anyone, as I personally have found it really helpful. Plus I pulled my shoulder picking up my grandson recently, so I might have to see what they can do about that now too!”

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