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Weekend Warriors

Fitness Enthusiasts

10km runs, half marathons, Tough Guy, Tough Gal and Tough Mudder, Hockey, Netball and weekend sports games – we treat injuries of all kinds. If you’ve got a niggle that’s preventing you from doing what you love, treatment can help you over-come it. Let us help you achieve your goals, and become your best sporty-self.

On The Go

Multi-tasking mums

Juggling kids, work, home-life and return to fitness is no joke. Two things we know from treating lots of busy mums are that a) you don’t have time to be injured, and b) there is never enough time in the day to get everything done! Don’t let pain slow you down. Find  a little bit of time each week to get your ailments sorted, and you’ll be back to multi-tasking in a jiffy.

Working hard

Busy Tradies

We know how important it is for you to be working as a self-employed person. Being injured on or off the job is no good. We treat tradies of all kinds – plumbers, electricians, earthworks contractors, builders, drain layers and more. Don’t let your aches and pains stop you in your tracks, get back to work, and back to fishing and other fun weekend activities asap. 

New to the world

Restless babies

It can be dauting to have a baby who seems unhappy, fussy or distressed. Having your precious little one checked over by an osteopath might help give you extra peace of mind that they are adjusting to life outside the womb as nature intended. Osteopathy for babies is very gentle – in fact, it hardly looks like we are doing any treatment at all. Babies often don’t need much treatment, and the benefits in their demeanour are noticeable quite quickly.

Enjoying retirement

Active Seniors

Cardio-vascular fitness and weight-bearing exercise have never been more important than for over 65s. With plenty of time to do the hobbies you enjoy, don’t let niggles get the better of you. You don’t have to put up with aches and pains, just because you are getting older. Arthritis can often be managed well through physical therapy and stretching. Osteopathy can help your body prepare for a healthy and active retirement.

Getting things done

Deskbound Workers

Habitual bad posture can make for a miserable working day. But – good news! Most aches and pains can be treated really well with osteopathy. Sore backs, necks, shoulders and headaches can often be attributed to the way you sit at your work station. We work to alleviate the sore bits, and restore balance between the soft tissues that are over-working and under-working. More comfortable posture = a more productive working day.

Fearlessly exploring

Sporty Kids

Kids throw themselves into everything, not thinking about the possible consequences, and why would they? An important part of growing up is learning how to fall, and developing the important sense of balance. Children are more active nowadays than they were in the past, and compete at higher levels of sport earlier on than previously. If your child or teen in complaining of pain, we can help. Every osteopath at ThreeSixty has completed a course in Child and Adolescent Health, so we’re well equipped to assess, identify and rectify any musculoskeletal issues that arise.

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