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Telehealth – What Is It And How Can It Help?

Telehealth - It's Been Around For A While Now...

Even before Covid-19, there had been a movement in the healthcare professions to provide appointments via ‘Telehealth’.

Telehealth is officially defined as “the practice of healthcare, education and consultation through remote communications technology, including the use of telephone, text and video conferencing”.

As osteopaths, we actually get about 80% of the information we use to formulate a diagnosis about your problem from the questions we ask you during the consultation. We then gain another 10% from observing you move and do ‘special tests’ which can incriminate one body tissue over another, and the remaining 10% from touching the sore spots to see what they feel like – this really is more of a confirmation process.

For this reason, Telehealth can still be an excellent option to get a diagnosis, (safety and information permitting) and make a plan to move forward or keep your symptoms at bay until we can provide hands ‘on’ treatment again.

Great Respone to Telehealth Consults So Far

During the March / April 2020 level 3 and 4 lock down period, we provided patients with osteopathic guidance, advice, information, stretches, exercises and more via video consultations.

From this, we had some great feedback.

Our remote consults are jam-packed full of valuable, easy to follow, useful things you can do to help yourself at a time where no-one is able to provide face-to-face physical care. 

How Does It Work?

We’re offering 3 different options to our existing clients, and to new clients too. 

1) A quick chat via telephone (5 mins)
A chance to ask any questions you have and generally touch base with your osteopath. We have also been calling clients just to let them know we’re here, and they aren’t abandoned at this time if there’s something we can reassure you about.

2) A remote video consultation – follow up appointment (20-30 mins)
This is for people who have recently had a treatment with us, but we unfortunately didn’t get the chance to follow up with them properly before the lock down. Appointments are involve us reviewing the existing aches / pains for which you’ve already seen us. Then we’ll running through a list of stretches and exercises you can do easily at home to keep you issue(s) at bay until we meet again. (You don’t have to take notes, as we’ll send you your ‘homework’ instructions after the video discussion ends, complete with pictures). There is a fee attached to this consultation. 

3) A remote video consultation – New patient appointment OR new problem appointment (40-50 mins)
This is a longer appointment for people who have not yet been to the clinic, or for people who have been a patient before but now have a new injury or problem they’d like addressed. This follows the normal appointment process – lots of questions about the aches / pains / problem, followed by a comprehensive discussion of your medical history. We’re still bound by the same rules and obligations to provide you an excellent standard of care, even via video.

Our thoroughness is key to making sure the information we give you is appropriate, safe and relates to your complaint. If we don’t think we can help you, we’ll let you know. And if we need to refer you to the doctor or a specialist we’ll do that too. (You don’t have to take notes, as we’ll send you your ‘homework’ instructions after the video discussion ends, complete with pictures). There is a fee attached to this consultation. 

Feel free to call us on the clinic mobile (021 961 761) and ask more about how we could help you if you’re not sure. **Telehealth bookings can only be made via the Receptionist**

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