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What we do

Just Say the Word, We Can fix it!

As skilled osteopaths​​

We Treat for pain relief​​

We know how all of the musculoskeletal parts should work together, and how to fix it if your body misbehaves.

How we look after you.

We make it clear by talking.
Then we make a plan together.

We listen and ask you lots of questions about your problem, your general health, and any other medical care you are receiving.

We examine the health of your muscles, ligaments and joints by using our hands with our highly developed sense of touch.

We observe your body thoroughly by asking you to do certain movements so we can see what is troubling you.

We treat your body using skilled hands-on manipulation, and encourage the return of your body back to better health.

What we treat

The common Problems


Some of the most common things we provide pain relief for are listed below. Is your ailment there?

The Feel Good Factor


Osteopaths know how to work with every joint in the body – from the top of your head to the big (and little) toes.

Whole body wellness

Osteopathy is based on the principle that your each of your body tissues should be ‘job-sharing’ efficiently to make sure your body as a whole functions well, and you can move without pain.

We also consider your symptoms in the context of your past medical history, and focus on treating any body tissues near to the pain location, that might be contributing to the problem. This is called holistic healthcare.

Many patients also receive self-help advice about their lifestyle, stress management, and other influential factors, to help promote a feeling of better overall well-being. We also encourage our patients to do certain exercises to promote recovery and prevent re-occurrence of pain.


People with a wide variety of injuries usually respond very well to osteopathic treatment. All injuries are different, and so our approach to best treat an injury varies from person to person. 

We are also trained to recognise problems that can not be improved through osteopathy. Your problem might require that we send you for an X-ray or Ultrasound test. We won’t hesitate to do what we need to do to get you better, asap. 

General aches & pains

Sometimes the body just has aches and pains. This can be for a number of reasons. Your osteopathic appointment is very comprehensive, so that we can pick out all of the small things which might be accumulating to affect your body as a whole. 

We strive to make our clients happy

So, let's be happy together