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Advanced Associate


Advanced Associate


Advanced Associate


Massage Therapist
Level 5



Holly Royal B.Ost, CKTP

Bachelor of Osteopathy, Certified KinesioTaping Practitioner level 3

Senior Osteopath, Clinical Director

ACC Registered Practitioner

ThreeSixty Osteopaths, is owned and operated by Holly Royal. Originally from the UK, Holly graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2009, with Honours. She also won the Third Year Award for highest overall results, and RK Hardy Prize for her dissertation on Low Back Pain.

In the past, Holly has tutored osteopathic technique and supervised clinical competency for the Master degree students at Unitec. She also previously worked for the Osteopathic Council of NZ (OCNZ) as a Preceptor for 5 years, and is currently on the OCNZ Professional Conduct Commitee (investigating alleged complaints about other Practitioners).

I really love what I do, it is thoroughly rewarding. I started ThreeSixty because I wanted to provide a clinic where people get personal treatment, not be ‘just another number’. My team are hand selected to provide you the best care in town.

On a personal note, Holly is a competitive ocean swimmer, and lives in Whangaparoa with husband James, children Cleo and Logan, and dogs Shadow and Delta. 

Clare Russell B. App. Sci., M. Ost.



ACC Registered Practitioner

We are now welcoming to the team Clare, who Joins us from the ‘winterless north’. Having worked on the north shore and more recently, Whangarei, Clare has moved back to the coast to be closer to her family. Luckily for us, a position at ThreeSixty was just what she was looking for. 

Clare trained at Unitec, and studied in part alongside both Jess and Amy, so she fits into our practice like part of the furniture. After becoming a mum, she opted for a career change from 10+ years in Engineering, which is basically problem solving, to Osteopathy, which again is all about ‘problem solving’, just in a different capacity! 

Though she only recently moved back to Coastie life, Clare loves the area, especially for it’s strong community feel, and family-orientated amenities. 


We asked Clare: “What is the most important thing about your job as an Osteopath?”

The people are really important to me – not just the ‘problem’ they come in with. It’s really important to me to make sure the patient gets the treatment they need, be it gentle and restorative to support the body in it’s own healing mechanisms, or a firmer approach where a joint just needs to be clicked. My favourite group to treat are retirees, who have a wide variety of opinions on their preferred treatment style, and plenty of stories to keep me entertained while I’m working!”

On a personal note, Clare has a black belt in Martial Arts, and a young son to keep her on her toes!

Amy Tinneny-Phillips B. App. Sci., M. Ost.

Bachelor of applied Science, Master of Osteopathy
ADVANCED associate Osteopath
ACC Registered practitioner

Amy has been an essential part of our team over the last 6 years. She started off as our Receptionist, and while completing her Masters in Osteopathy degree, worked at the clinic as a Massage Therapist.

Now, concentrating solely on osteopathy, Amy is continually praised by our patients who love her calm, methodical approach to patient care.

Amy has recently discontinued offering massage at the clinic, because with her massage clients, she always felt like she could do so much more for them and their aches and pains by taking an osteopathic approach instead. Her hands do know exactly how to find the “sore bits” though, and she’s happy to work gently or more firm – the choice is yours. 

Amy is one of the most relatable, welcoming practitioners you will ever see, and you can make a bet that most evenings she is working late reading up or studying new ways to either understand her patient/s condition or working on a comprehensive treatment plan for them. 

If you’re looking for a thorough, kind, understanding and professional approach to easing your problem, you won’t find better than Amy.

We asked Amy: “How did you discover Osteopathy as a career?”

I’ve always loved swimming and started mixed martial arts (MMA) when I was 10, so I’ve always had interest in coordination and body movement. But when I was about 15, I got a really bad case of pain and numbness down one of my arms and it was affecting my swimming.

So, I went to a physiotherapist who’d done a postgraduate course on manipulation. He got me back into squad training – I thought it was amazing! Right there and then I knew it was something I wanted to have a career in, and it was him who actually said to look at osteopathy. And from then I haven’t looked back. 

Jessica Mott B. App. Sci., M. Ost.

Bachelor of applied Science, Master of Osteopathy
ADVANCED Associate Osteopath
ACC Registered practitioner

Jess joined our team in 2022. You’ll find her extremely approachable and dedicated to finding a hands ‘on’ solution to your pain or problem.

Jess believes that everyone deserves to feel their best with health. She thrives on helping people live their fullest, most enjoyable version of ‘life’, be it walking their dog down the beach in a pain free (or pain-less) way, or getting back to CrossFit. Her determination to help her patients is clear to see, and she is a wonderful addition to our 360 team.

Originally, Jess was looking into Physiotherapy as a profession. She knew she wanted a career which involved ‘helping people’, but didn’t want to be a doctor. Someone pointed her in the direction of Osteopathy – which she had never heard of before. But Jess looked into this type of manual therapy, loved the global approach to body assessment and treatment, and after 5 years of study and hard work, entered the working world. Now we have the benefit of enjoying her skills and expertise at our practice.

We asked Jess: “What values are important to you, in the way that you work with your patients?”

Trust is really, really important. Because if there’s not a mutual trust between the patient and the practitioner, then that’s really hard to go forward and have effective treatments and progress. Also honesty, so having an honest relationship with the patient, in that they feel comfortable being able to tell you the truth – “I didn’t do my exercises this week”, or conversely “I was really great at doing that [exercise]”.

The third one that’s really important to me is friendliness and making yourself approachable for the patient. You’ve got to be friendly to be able to build patient rapport.

Tobi Noble

Massage Therapist - Level 5

Tobi joins our team in 2023 – and personally, we are thrilled to have a Massage Therapist on site again!

Massage Therapy is a part time job for Tobi, who also juggles a full time career as a Firefighter, and mother to 2 young girls. Being a Senior Firefighter is a profession that Tobi loves, but recently decided to add another string to her bow with massage. Given that the first part of her training has been in Relaxation Massage techniques, it is quite the opposite of what her usual day to day work load involves!

Originally from Australia, Tobi was interested to start a career in Massage prior to joining Fire and Emergency NZ, eight years ago. Given her day to day job requirements can be fairly intense to say the least, she is relishing the opportunity to work in a more relaxed environment in her “spare time”.

On a personal note, Tobi is a keen CrossFit and Surf Lifesaving Athlete, competing in surf boats.

Tobi is currently undertaking her NZ Diploma in Wellness and Relaxation Massage Level 5. She is registered with Massage New Zealand, and well qualified to provide both Relaxation and Deep Tissue massage in practice. Tobi intends to remain a student and complete level 6 next year also, which will enable her to provide massage therapy under some Southern Cross medical policies.


**February 2024: Tobi is currently on leave until a little later this year. We’ll keep you updated when she plans to return. In the meanwhile, Camelia is covering Tobi’s massage appointments – call us to book with her on 021 961 761.**

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage is a gentle and soothing type of massage, based on Swedish Massage Techniques. This is most suitable for people who want to take a well-deserved break from the usual stress and normal muscle tension of everyday life.


Is Relaxation Massage right for you?



Deep Tissue Massage

This style of massage is much better suited to those who require a firmer touch. Tobi has been actively providing deep tissue massage to the CrossFit community over the last year, and if your one of those people who want to feel a little bit ‘worked on’ and whose muscles need a good, a Deep Tissue Massage is just perfect for your body. 


Sound like just what your body needs? (Yes, us too!)

If you’ve read enough, and you’re convinced that a great massage is just what your body needs right now, you can book either 30-minute sessions or a double (60-minute) session. Just give us a call on 09 427 9306 or book online using the button below.

James Hughes


James joined our team in 2020 and has been helping with all things Admin around the clinic. He is very efficient and organised, and is always ready and willing to help colleagues and patients alike, no matter the problem or task. In fact, we just don’t know what we’d do without him!

James’ superpower at the clinic, is to make patients feel welcome, and at ease, no matter who they are – whether he’s talking about Rugby with the ‘tradie’ patients, or knitting with our more mature ladies. 

(In fact, most of our patients are very disappointed if they come in for treatment and James isn’t available to chat with them – We secretly think they come in for a chat with him, almost as importantly as their appointment!)

For any queries about appointments, bookings, rescheduling, records or pretty much anything else – please feel free to call and chat with James. You’ll find him extremely friendly and helpful. 

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