4 Easy Ways to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation Is Very Common In The Musculoskeletal System It is one of the ways your body regulates and restores the normal functioning of an area. If you’ve ever had a nasty whack, you’ll be familiar with the misery of the body’s inflammatory response – redness, heat, swelling and pain. Although annoying, and painful, this type […]

Poor Posture: Is It Bad For My Health?

What is “Bad Posture”? Firstly, let’s think about this – what does it mean to have “good posture”? In order to have “good posture” your body must comfortably be able to hold itself in a position whereby all of your bones and joints are aligned properly. It prevents excessive strain on the musculoskeletal system (ligaments, […]

How Full is Your ‘Reservoir Of Compensation?”

Is Your Reservoir Running A Little Low? We hear our patients saying this all the time – “Why me?” “Why now?” “I have done this [..insert common activity here..] loads of times before and I’ve never had an issue…” And really it is an intriguing question. Why should the body be able to cope with […]

Prevention Vs Intervention – Two Different Approaches to Healthcare

Which One Is Right For You? At ThreeSixty we commonly meet people who need an osteopathic intervention, that is, they’ve already injured themselves, and need some help – ASAP. An intervention is re-active, a reaction to the problem. As Osteopaths, we think of intervention as being the “first aid” – the immediate solution to the […]