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treatment Options

Our team of osteopaths will always act with your best interests in mind, and help decide which type of treatment is best for you.

Not sure whether or not your problem will be covered by the ACC? We can let you know.

From 30 minutes: If you have had an injury, you can apply for the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) to subsidise your treatment. You do this by completing an ACC45 form at the clinic with your osteopath. You do not need to go to the doctor first.

The ACC’s website also has lots more information on making a claim. All other treatments, not related directly to an injury will be considered ‘private’.

From 30 minutes: Most aches, pains and problems that have been building up gradually will be considered to require ‘Private treatment’. This includes pains which have not occurred due to a specific injury, or problems arising from an injury that was a long time ago. (Sometimes this can happen as your body needs help adjusting to the repercussions of that old injury).

We also have people who attend for private treatment, just because it helps their bodies feel and move so much better. 

From 30 minutes: Osteopathy can also be useful for newborns and older babies who have problems like teething, colic, digestive issues, difficulty feeding and general fussiness. It is a very gentle way of encouraging their bodies to move better and dissipate any strains that occurred during the birthing process.

Treatment of babies  should only be carried out by osteopaths with a special interest in paediatrics. 

From 30 minutes: 

Children (and teenagers) are essentially mini-adults, who can often have similar problems affecting their bodies from falls, slips, trips or sports injuries as adults do. However, their problems often don’t seem to be linked to any event in particular, because their bodies are able to cope with the accumulation of these various bumps and bruises, much more than us adults can (check out our blog post on Ability To Adapt).

For teenagers, “growing pains” are also very common, and osteopaths can help identify if there is a general postural problem, like “Text Neck”, verses a problem to do with growth, for example at the knee, ankle or spine.

15 Minutes: Your osteopath might decide they need to do some sports strapping for your ailment, to make sure you get the support you need outside of the treatment room. This is usually done within your appointment time, for no extra charge. However, if you have a particular sports event, or want an appointment for strapping only (e.g. before a weekend match), you can book an express appointment of 15 minutes.

We use a variety of strapping techniques, including traditional sports strapping and Kinesiotape. Ever wondered what the difference is? KinesioTape Vs Traditional Sports Strapping: Which is the best? And which is right for you?