*We are now open for all in-person appointments*

What Happens

During Your treatment

1. A warm Welcome

With parking right outside, and clear signage, our clinic is easy to find. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by one of our lovely reception ladies and asked to complete a new patient form.


Take a seat in our warm, spacious waiting room, and your osteopath won’t be far away from greeting you too. 

2. Chat with your osteopath

Once inside the treatment room, your osteopath will ask you lots of questions about the problem you have come in for, and also about your medical background. Everything you tell us is private and confidential. We believe that everything in the body is inter-related, so sometimes, although it won’t seem especially important to discuss the systems of your body (cardiovascular and digestive systems, lungs, etc.), problems with these areas are really key to us identifying what we need to treat to get you better. This is what sets us apart form other professions. Knowing about previous injuries that may have had a long-term impact on the way your body works is also really important for our diagnostic process. 

3. Assessment & Diagnosis

After discussing your problem areas, we move on the the assessment portion of the appointment. This involves you moving areas of your body, like your back, neck or arms, in a particular way so we can visually assess the quality of the movement and the range that each area can perform. We might also ask you to relax and move your body ourselves – this is called passive movement, and it gives us another layer of information about the joints, muscles and other tissues around your ailment. Osteopaths are also well educated in performing a wide variety of orthopaedic and neurological tests, so we will also guide you through these if required. Once we have reached a diagnosis, we will explain everything to you – what the problem is, why it came about, what can be done to help you, and what can be done to avoid future repercussions (if possible).

4. Treatment time

The next bit is the best bit – the treatment! You will be asked to sit or lie down on the couch, and treatment will begin. We will often cover you with a blanket to enhance your warmth, comfort and modesty. Treatment will consist of a number of different manual therapy techniques, some are firm, and some are gentle. At ThreeSixty, we use a lot of massage and other muscle relaxation techniques, stretching and joint movement called ‘articulations’. The combination of treatment techniques is completely unique to you and your body. We don’t do ‘one size fits all’, because it never does!

We will always check that the pressure we are using is neither too firm nor to gentle.

Some people love their joints being clicked, others do not. You will ALWAYS be asked if this is something you would like, and are not obligated to say ‘yes’ of it would make you uncomfortable or unhappy. Find out more about what the ‘clicking’ noise is, in our blog.

What happens when you visit an Osteopath?

We look after you

It’s natural to feel a little apprehensive if you’ve never seen an osteopath before. We do our best to set your mind at ease from the get go. You will find our reception team very helpful and friendly, and your osteopath will explain everything to you clearly.


We are happy to answer any questions you have, and as many questions as you have, about your problem.