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We help people with new injuries, long term problems or just general soreness.

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We’re ACC registered practitioners, so you don’t need to have a GP referral before booking.

What we treat

Ache, pains and injuries - we treat them all

What we treat

All kinds of ailments
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Osteopathy helps all kinds of people feel better

who we help

All kinds of people
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How Osteopathy works

Hands on Treatment

We use our hands to massage, stretch, and move tight joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

At 360, everything we do revolves around you as a unique person.

  • Why is your body sore?
  • Why is it so now?
  • What can we do to get you better?
  • How can we help you stay better?

Osteopaths believe that your body must be sore for a reason and we work hard to find the source of your problem.

When various parts of the body no longer work well together, we tend to get pain and stiffness. This may be caused by something small, for example an injury, or it can build up overtime – like sitting at a desk all day.

When this happens, the body keeps tries to keep up with the demands we place upon it. But it has become exhausted.

This is when we start to feel pain.

But don’t worry, most musculoskeletal problems can be treated. Osteopathy can often help people feel better, even after just a few sessions.

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