Neck Pain

Neck pain is very common, and not very nice to experience. It affects people of all ages, and is often caused by the way we use our necks. Tight muscles and stiff joints in the upper back can also contribute to ongoing neck pain. Sometimes nerves in your neck can become ‘trapped’, and cause pain […]

Back Pain

The spine itself is very strong, supported by solid ligaments and muscles, and surprisingly difficult to damage. However, it is much easier to strain the surrounding muscles, ligaments and joints, or damage one of the discs in your back. Research shows that osteopathic treatment can have very beneficial effects for back pain. We are highly […]

Sporty Kids

As a mother, you want to wrap them up in cotton wool – sometimes literally, like when your child has fallen off their bike, or had a tumble out of a tree.

Deskbound Workers

Who works a 40 hour week nowadays? If you are someone working at a desk, chances are you work longer hours than this, and could definitely do with a few more breaks in your working day.

Multi-tasking Mums

School lunches and homework packed – check. Kids dropped off at school – check. Time to hit the gym, your little bit of mental sanity for the day….

Busy Tradies

Day in, day out, hard physical work. Sometimes in the sun, sometimes in the rain, but always work to be done.

Active Seniors

With the time now to really enjoy life, your physical health can be a priority. We help lots of seniors to be active – find out how..

Fitness Enthusiasts

Your training has been going great, you can’t believe how much better you feel, and then BAM! Injury strikes…