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Muscles Spasms

If muscles are continuously over-used, they get tighter and tighter, and can occasionally go into a spasm. Muscle spasms can be very intense, and come on like a wave of pain that your know is coming until it ‘grabs’ you. Some people even see a little quiver in the affected muscle. Osteopaths are used to […]

Sprains & Strains

Sprains and strains are very common issues that osteopaths treat. The word ‘sprain’ refers to an injury to the tendons or ligaments, and ‘strain’ is usually used to describe a muscle or joint problem. Ankles and shoulders are the most common joints sprained, and muscle strains usually involve the calf, hamstring or shoulder. To encourage […]

Elbow Pain

When we think of elbow pain, the one commonly occurring problem is tennis elbow. (Most people who suffer from this have never even played tennis!) The elbow joint, ligaments and muscles are quite susceptible to injury from repetitive movements. If the muscles have gotten very tight around the elbow, they can become tender, sore and […]

Foot & Ankle Pain

The foot and ankle are made up of many small bones, all connected by a web of ligaments, muscles and tendons. These all need to work properly together to give strength, balance and support for walking, running and standing. The most common problem associated with feet is plantar fasciitis (fash-ee-eye-tus) – a painful condition presenting […]

Hip & Knee Pain

Hip and knee pains are quite common, and there are a number of causes that can be helped with osteopathy. Pain can come from tight, strained or over-used muscles, or from the joints themselves. Sometimes hip pain can also be referred from the lower back, and knee pain can be referred from the hip! Your […]

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can happen for a number of reasons including direct trauma from a tackle or mid-game collision, failing to warm up properly, going too hard for too long, or using inappropriate equipment (including footwear). Osteopaths treat sports injuries. Some of us also use supportive techniques like strapping, with sports tape, or using kinesiology tape […]

Shoulder pain

The ‘Rotator cuff’ muscles are the most common part of the shoulder to be injured, but there are other causes of shoulder pain too. These include: the Acromioclavicular joint – pain on the tip of the shoulder; Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis – painful and gradual stiffening of the shoulder joint capsule; Referred shoulder pain […]

Headaches & Migraines

There are many causes of headaches, but most of them are not serious. One very common cause of headaches is the neck. Tension or stress on the muscles and joints of the neck can lead to pain radiating up across the back of the head, across the forehead or behind one or both of your […]

Postural Issues

Daily aches and pains in your neck, shoulders and lower back can be caused by poor posture. It can affect you in your workplace and beyond. Perhaps your body is just too tired to hold itself in the correct position any more. Or perhaps it has been repeating the same movement patterns for too long […]

‘Sciatica’ & Leg Pain

‘Sciatica’ means pain coming from irritation of the Sciatic nerve – the thickest nerve in your body. It radiates into the buttock, outer hip, thigh, or further down the leg. It can be a very nasty issue to have to deal with. And very painful. The joints in your back can also cause similar type […]